• Naviparking shall charge Convenience fee for the Service which shall be determined and amended at the sole and absolute discretion of Naviparking. The Convenience Fee shall be payable by you to Naviparking and shall be informed to you.

  • You shall be required to pay such cancellation fee in terms of “Cancellation Policy”, which will form part of the receipt of the total ride fee.

  • All applicable taxes in respect of the fare, convenience fee, additional fee, cancellation fee shall be borne and payable by you or Naviparking as the case may be.

  • Visa or Mastercard debit and credit cards in EURO will be accepted for payment.

  • You shall choose to pay for the Service fee by either of the following methods i.e. Credit card/Debit Card/ Net Banking payment.

  • Payment will be accepted in EUR.

  • All Charges and payments will be enabled by Naviparking using the preferred payment method designated in your Account, after which you will receive a receipt by email within 24 hours of the payment.

  • Cardholder must retain a copy of transaction record and Naviparking policies and rules.

  • Charges paid by you are final and non-refundable, unless otherwise determined by Naviparking. Further, you acknowledge and agree that Charges applicable in certain geographical areas may increase substantially during times of high demand.

RESTRICTION: We will not trade with or provide any services to OFAC and sanctioned countries. 

route length

initial fee

every next 1 km

for the first 10 km from the airport

37 €

2 €

for the first 20 km from the airport

56 €

2 €

for the first 30 km from the airport

67 €

2 €

for the first 40 km from the airport

79 €

2 €


NaviParking DMCC

Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai UAE

phone: +971 50571 9464 

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